Friday, July 29, 2011

Professionals meet for Telangana



We a group of professionals from various backgrounds which is initiated by IISc. Telangana forum are working towards the achieving Telangana. On our discussion among ourselves, we have found that many of Telanganites wanted to contribute to Telangana movement but they found no platform for the same. And if we can bring the feeling that its "my movement" by providing the platform, then majority people will contribute to the movement. Each and everyone's contribution counts to the movement. Its like a small brick in the construction of a house. It counts for the completeness. 

To start with we planned to focus on young professionals. While doing this exercise, we felt strong organisational structure is required to reach to the ground levels and everybody can involve in the movement and decision making. For example all our Political parties of India have a strong structure by which they are able to work with people at different levels especially rural people.

To forward ourselves in this goal we are planning to have a meeting on how we can contribute to the Telangana meeting. So We request you to be speaker for the forum meeting and help us in contributing to the Telangana movement and maintaning the same consciousness after achieving the Telangana so that we will build a beautiful future for ourselves and our future generations.

Other speakers include:

Prof. Thirumali, FRom TG- JAC, Delhi,
Mr. Dileep Konatham, from TG-political JAC

Mss. Suneetha, TG- JAC, Delhi team,
Mr. D P Reddy from TDF, Hyd
Prof. Kodandram or representative from Political JAC

Meeting Details:

31/july/2011, TDF office, Tarnaka.
time: 2.00 - 5.00 PM.

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